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Earn Cryptocurrency

We all spend so much of our hard earned cash on bills, debt and necessities that its a welcome rest bite to get somethings back. Here are a couple things where you at least have the chance of getting something for noting!


Earn free cryptocurrency while you browse the web

Screen capture from our tests

Yes, you read that right! it is now possible to get a portion of the advertising revenue to come right back to you. This is done through the Brave web browser and the BAT (Basic Attention) protocol.

It notes the time you’ve seen an ad and  the Brave browser rewards you a portion of the fees! pure genius if you ask me.

The Browser is built on the Google Chrome engine (Chromium) and is focused on privacy, speed and blocking tracking data. In our testing this worked extremely well and you can easily see a count of blocked tracking activities.




Earn free cryptocurrency while you watch videos

Coinbase Earn
Screen capture from our tests

Yes, you read that right! Coinbase are giving away free tokens in exchange for you watching short videos of key tokens and coins, you can earn more by answering an optional quiz at the end of each video.

Currently the following tokens & coins are available

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