My Worst Crypto Loss

What’s Your Worst Crypto Loss or Trade?

Sharing is caring so please send us your worst! May even be therapeutic or cathartic. Use the boxes to your story.

But in the spirit of openness, have to admit that I’ve made a few howlers in my time trading Crypto!

One that immediately springs to mind is Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

It hadn’t too long forked from Bitcoin and was 50/50 odds if it would moon, or die a horrible death.

Speculation was rife, every person and their dog had a valid opinion! Then, Coinbase decided to list!

O M G, the exclusive club of Coinbase – off course it was going to moon!!! Erm, well not exactly.

Apart from the first few days where apparently there was talk of some kind of insider trading which previously sent the price rocketing in a frenzy.

There I am, watching the madness laughing.Thinking “FOMO, pffff, I don’t do FOMO”.

Right up until the FOMO kicked in and I bought an undisclosed quantity of Bitcoin Cash, at Circa $2600 a coin. Yes, $2600 a coin…

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