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Free Beginners Guide to CryptoBlockchain
Blockchain is the name of the technology, but more than just a name it partly describes the two core components; Block and Chain.

Information within the Blockchain is stored in ‘Blocks’, these are groups of data chunks which are numbered.

You might imagine that block one is the very first set of data for a new Blockchain.

Second part of the Blockchain name, ‘Chain’ refers to the sequential numbering for each of these data
blocks, they are ‘chained’ together.

Looking at Blockchain in a straightforward way, it is a database made from sequential groups of data.

Master Nodes
Initially, the best way to view Blockchain is to look at it like a database.

Like any database, this physical entity resides on a Server, or ‘node’ if you will.

People or applications who wish to use this data sends queries to the Server and in return, the Server responds with the information requested.