My Best Crypto Win

What Was Your Best Crypto Win or Trade?

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Fortunately, overall I have successfully traded Cryptocurrencies.

Who knows, part luck, part skill, part discipline.

I like to think that coming from a Forex trading background this somewhat helped, but I suspect it really just helped with reading charts and the simple fundamentals such as;

  • Never chase a trade
  • Make a decision and stick
  • Profit only exists once you’ve sold

I don’t really have a best trade as such, but certainly there’s been many key times where buying opportunity was present, and checklist was all ticked.

But to pin my hat, I’d have to say that Litecoin was my lovechild.

Bought tons at circa $20 in the early days and sold at relative highs to purchase other coins

Always restocking in Litecoin when it “clearly”  dipped to what I perceived as either; under-valued or at value  (that’s all we can ever do I think).

We’d love to hear you high-Adrenalin stories of trades, wins and pot luck!

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