Who Are We?

We are Cryptocurrency fanatics! That Love love love Cryptos.


The existing monetary systems have dominated for centuries and while serving good purpose, great evil has travelled hand-in-hand.

Middle men,  banks and corporations have used fiscal systems for maximum profit with a-moral methods which far too often manifest in immoral treatment of us.

Cryptocurrencies are far from perfect and do not solve everything. But they do provide an unparalleled transparency in the movement of value never seen before.

The individual owns, holds and stores their own money and transactions are from point A to point B, intrinsically removing antiquated systems of middle men who each earn a portion of your money.


…ok…I’m rambling here…sorry! About us…yes, about us. Really simple, as Crypto nuts we wanted Crypto merchandise. What we found out there was so shockingly mediocre we thought we’d give it a try and hopefully help our fellow Cryptocurrency siblings find cool stuff too.

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